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Download and save a certificate for this product, complete with your unique customer details. I made one up a while ago for 3 phase memshield boards. Abb library is a web tool for searching for documents related to abb products and services. Download and save a certificate for this product, complete with your. Download the brochure for free on the handy link below. Inside youll find our solutions to arc fault detection devices, rcds, transient overvoltage protection and how to put together the ultimate 18th edition consumer unit. Competitive prices from the leading consumer units distributors.

Wylex nmdrs36sslhi 36 way dual rcd high integrity consumer unit. So why not take this idea and apply it to understanding and choosing the right consumer unit for a project conforming to the 17th edition of the wiring regulations. Home products by brand wylex wylex consumer units wylex high integrity consumer units. Each of bg electrical main switch consumer units its supplied with 20mm and 32mm knockouts and two cover blanks. All of our product catalogues and technical documents are available to download and send to customers and colleagues.

The box pictured topright is a wylex standard fitted with rewirable fuses. We use dpd as our courier and our cut off time for next day service is 2pm. Wylex module 7way populated high integrity dual rcd consumer unit 6226p compact, allmetal, low smoke and fume enclosure. Wylex module 7way populated high integrity dual rcd. Easy9 documents and downloads schneider electric uk. The bs7671 amendment 3 compliant ranges have a sleek, curved profile and crisp white finish to compliment any home. Wylex 11 way main switch consumer unit 18th edition. Neither should it be placed in a position where is likely to be damaged by impact. The wylex nh1104 is an 11 way consumer which comes with a 100a main switch isolator. A gentle tickle with a file to remove about half a mil made it all go together far more smoothly as. The nm00953 is a part populated 17th edition, 3rd amendment metal high integrity consumer unit that comes complete with 8 mcbs, allowing 2 free ways either as blank ways or extra mcbs or rcbos as to your requirements. Requires half din rail clip nmxdr2 to fit in consumer unit. Wylex datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. This gives designers and installers the flexibility to create an almost infinite variety of systems, tailored to individual applications and blending with any.

The enclosure would be directly above the consumer unit and would be connected on the outgoing side of the mcb device. Wylex afdd, the ultimate device for protection against overloads, earth leakage, short circuits, and arc faults. Nhrs44204 wylex 10 way split load plastic consumer unit. Wylex standard consumer unit fitted with seven wire fuses one fuseway is not in use hager consumer unit fitted with mcbs, one rcd, and one doublepole switch a consumer unit is a type of distribution board a component of an electrical power system within which an electrical power feed provides supply to subsidiary circuits. Wylex product catalogues, technical information and pricing. When the property is handed over for sale the visor locking kit is easily removed by the electrical contractor, returning the consumer unit back to its original. Market leader wylex offers a wide range of 17th edition consumer units which are also known as distribution boards and fuseboards. See product for accessories, blanks, cable entry glands, mcbs, rcbos and timer. Wylex have produced a range of high integrity flexible consumer units that are pre dril led and blanked ready to be fitted with a nhldk visor locking kit and wpl padlock if required. Buy wylex 66 split load metal consumer unit, 80a 30ma rcd. Wylex new range of 18th edition compliant consumer units. A range of mcb sized rcbos for use in domestic household premises and similar installations.

A new generation of consumer units schneider electric. Wylex 8 way main switch consumer unit 18th edition electricpoint. A consumer unit is a type of distribution board contents. Wylex are a world leader in circuit protection, their range of domestic consumer units includes high integrity boards, main switch boards and rcd boards. Note, in fig 2 below, the diverse range of conductor terminations even before meter tails and final circuits are terminated. Download the latest catalogues and brochures for our market leading brands. One rccb protects several circuits when fitted upstream of a group of circuit. Wylex flexible consumer units and the 17th edition the wylex nh flexible consumer units range includes brand new high integrity units that have been introduced with the 17th edition in mind, as it. Leaving them there reflects badly on you, it makes you look sloppy and careless, so how do you think customers interpret that in terms of your electrical work if they where looking at your web site.

Nm20663 wylex 2 way metal consumer unit, 63a, ip2xc nm. Residential distribution catalogue discover our range of products and solutions perfect for residential distribution. Nm metal consumer units cw 80a type a rcds duplex all metal consumer units meter cabinet consumer units nm micro generation consumer units. If the cabinet is of a combustible material, a metal consumer unit is required. Wylex nm00953 10 way populated metal consumer unit cw 8. Wylex has launched its 18th edition brochure for domestic circuit protection. All of the items here are obsolete, and are displayed here as. Wylex 11 way main switch consumer unit 100a dpnm1106l wylex nm1106l 11 way module main switch consumer unit with 100a dp main switch isolator, accepts the latest wylex mcb and miniature rcbos. Download this whitepaper to learn everything about the latest. Iet forums existing domestic lighting circuits and rcds. The wylex nh range of 17th edition compliant consumer units offers easy installation combined with contemporary styling.

Buy wylex 10 way split load plastic consumer unit, 100a nh nhrs44204. The metal consumer units are ideal for domestic and residential environments. A selection of old wylex fuseboxes, switchgear and other distribution equipment. Download documents, software, catalogues and cad files for easy9 the easy9 residential consumer unit and circuit protection supports you as an electrician, helping you be more effective. Once an order is placed, dpd will contact you to book a one hour time slot.

Single module afdds fit in the tightest of spaces because they use smaller consumer units. Wylex consumer units, mcb and rcb circuit breakers, switch fuses, disconnectors and circuit protection accessories from electrical2go. Hi this is my first post so please be gentle, im fitting a wylex 100amp double pole isolator to the meter tails from the consumer side, it may be a silly question, but is there a load side supply side to this unit as it would suit me to come out of the top of the switch to feed the consumer. Smsct11 24 hour disc type time clock 1 no contact 1. It looks so much neater and an overall professional finish everything in the same font. The stylish, yet practical aesthetics are coupled with practical time. Wylex consumer units and the 17th edition newton contracting. R9bm24 24 way resi9 metal consumer unit schneider electric. If the cabinet is of an all metal construction noncombustible, then a standard skeleton consumer unit fal can be installed within. Therefore depending on the layout of the dwelling a flush consumer unit may be considered.

Search through the app by part reference or simply by keywords like mcb or consumer unit. Unfortunately, related faqs are unavailable due to temporary technical issues. Does anybody have or know where to get an excel template for printing domestic fuseboard labels. The wylex nmdrs36sslhi consumer unit is fully 17th edition and amendment 3 compliant and designed for use in large houses or small industrial environments. The clear market leader in residential circuit protection, with the largest range of consumer units and rcds in the uk. They have been offering solutions on a domestic, commercial and industrial level since 1897.

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