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A held that as the payment of zakat was a compulsory obligation under islam, he had no authority to allow any relaxation. Guftamash aye khasa e khasaan e ishq ishq to sir mutla o eevaan e ishq. When someone is in need a true brother or friend will help. D, belonged to one of the highly respected families of qureyshi tribe, bani tamim. Join facebook to connect with abu bakr siddique and others you may know. A was advised that in view of the circumstances on the ground, the terms of the tribes should be accepted. Hazrat abu bakr siddique radhi allahu anhu popularly know as abu bakr ra was the fatherinlaw and one of the best companions of islamic prophet muhammad peace, mercy and blessing of allah be upon him. His father, uthman, was known as abu quhafah and his mother, salma, was known as ummul khair.

Hazrat abu bakr siddique akbar,khalifa awal,khalifa e rasool,syeduna siddique akbar,urdu,islamic book,islam,quran,hadees,khilafat bila fasl, skip to main content. Umer farooq if you do not help your prophet, it does not matter. He being the second of the two, when they were in the cave and when muhammad said to his companion grieve not, surely god is with us, then god came to their. Abu bakr assiddiq by ruhi demirel, 97815978437, available at book depository with free delivery worldwide. Khalifa abu bakr political, social, economic and military organization. As caliph, abu bakr was the head of the government of the islamic state. Masjidi hazrati abu bakr siddique was established by afghan, turkistan, uzbek immigrants from afghanistan in 1986 as a community center for religious events and programs. Masjid hazrati abu bakr siddique is a 501c organization, a community of believers adhering to islam, the quran and the life traditions of prophet muhammad. Brief history, biography and achievements of first caliph hazrat abu bakr siddique r. Abu bakr held government to be a sacred trust, and he ran government as if he were administering the affairs of a trust. Hazrat abu bakr siddiq ra bio life history in islam.

Abu bakr, that generous friend, bought the land for the prophets masjid from orphans with the dirham he was able to bring with him. In sura a1baraat, there is a reference to abu bakr in the following verse. His mother was um ruman bint amir ibn uwaymir ibn zuhal ibn dahman and he was the full brother of aisha. First muslim caliph and the best friendcompanion of the prophet muhammad. Ghazi e millat pir syed hashmi miyan ahle sunnat wal jamaat online. Abu bakr may allah be pleased with him was born in makkah in the year 573 ce christian era, two years and some months after the birth of the prophet prayers and peace be upon him. Abu bakr was a loving father, but when his son abdullah in his love for his wife atika neglected his prayers and did not participate in some expeditions, abu bakr took him to task and asked him to divorce his wife. Allah helped him before, when the disbelievers forced him to go away from his home, and he was one of the. Hazrat abu bakar siddique hazrat umar bin khatab hazrat usman bin uffan hazrat ali khulfae rashdin 20. He and three other children of abu bakr namely abdullah, aisha. His father, uthman, was known as abu quhafah and his mother, salma, was known as. As a caliph after his election as the caliph, sayyiduna abu bakr radi allahu anhu addressed the muslims with these words.

What more proof you need about it as this is said by hazrat abu bakr siddique, where upon the mud. Seerat hazrat syedna abu bakr siddique urdu pdf the. A few select stories from life of the first khalifah caliph hazrat hazrat abu bakr. Hazrat abu bakr siddique radi allah unho sayyiduna abu bakr radi allahu anhus real name was abdullah, and he was given the title of as siddique ortestifier to the truth. This is the best way to teach the importance of an ideal islamic life. Abu bakr has the unique distinction of being referred to in the holy quran in several verses. Syedna abu bakr siddiq, 2 vols, ali muhammad as sallabi. Shan e saddique e akbar status of hazrat abu bakar. Abu bakr may allah be pleased with him was born in makkah in the year 573 ce christian era, two years and some months after the birth. Posts about abu bakr siddiq ra written by differentawakening. Brief history, biography and achievements of first caliph. While every eye of the infidels was blind to see him. Engineer muhammad ali mirza official channel 1,346,597 views.

The book seerat hazrat syedna abu bakr siddique pdf is about the lifespan of hazrat abu bakar siddique r. The life of abu bakr as siddique may allah be pleased with him offers a blueprint to successful life to those muslims as well as nonmuslims who are searching for the truth. Indeed, in the history of islam, the most wellknown name after that of the holy prophetsa, is that of hadrat abu bakrra. His fathers name was usman abu quhafa, and his mothers name was salma, nicknamed ummul khayr mother of goodness. In makkah, he freed many slaves but there is no evidence that he gave any help to muhammad. He was the first successor after muhammad prophet pbuhs death. What excellent qualities and noble deeds in the form of holy prophet a and his companion hadhrat abu bakr siddique t the cave gharethowr contained in it. He was a very honest, respected and wealthy man, who was. He was two and a half years younger than sayyiduna rasulullah sallal laahu alaihi wasallam. According to early muslim historians, he was a merchant, and highly esteemed as a judge, as an interpreter of dreams, and as one learned in.

During the caliphate of abu bakr siddiq ra there was a drought in medina. Hazrat abu bakr siddiq ra bio life history in islam quotes quiz online questions and answer for various islamic general knowledge related exams are provided. Abdulrahman ibn abi bakr was the eldest son of abu bakr, the first caliph in sunni islam. Abu bakr ra was the senior companion of muhammad prophet pbuh, he was also the first caliph of islam as well as he was the father in law of muhammad pbuh. He was born in the holy city of mecca about two years after the birth of the prophet s.

Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. To help younger generation of 21st century,this is a dedicated book series by darussalam that presents the entire history of islam in a simple language. Islamic history of khalifa abu bakr abu bakr, the man. Dear customers, due to the current coronavirus lockdown and its impact on the logistical sector your order might be delayed. In the name of allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful. This book is about the life and teachings of abu bakr siddiq may allah be pleased with himthe frist caliph of islam.

Biography of the first muslim caliph abu bakr siddiq. Sayyiduna abu bakr may allah be pleased with him real name was abdullah, and he was given the title of as siddique or testifier to the truth. Abu bakr said that if he had such an opportunity, he would not have spared him. And allah will bless those who help their brothers.

He had also saved bilal from being crushed under the heated rocks of the pagans in return for five ukiyye of gold. From the day he embraced islam until the day he died, abu bakr as siddique radhi allahu anhu may allah be pleased with him was the ideal muslim, surpassing all other companions in every sphere of life. Enables teachers, students and readers discover the greatness of hadrat abu bakr. Brief biography, achievements and selection process of first caliph hazrat abu bakr siddique r. It is said that abu bakr gave more material support to muhammad than anyone else. View the profiles of people named abu bakr siddique. View the profiles of professionals named abu siddique on linkedin. Abu bakr assaddiq life and his love with prophet pbuh prepared by dr. District courts battagram, the government of khyber. Abu bakr the first khalifa of the muslims a restatement. His real name was abdullah or abulkaaba and abu bakr was his kunya the name, meaning father of young camel abu meaning father of and bakr meaning young camel, is widely used by sunni muslims. He accepted islam after khadija, ali ibn abi talib, and zayd bin haritha.

History of islam abu bakr assiddiq ra is the first part of the islamic history books series by darussalam publishers. Abu bakr was the son of abu qahafa, and made his living as a merchant in makkah. He was the fatherinlaw of muhammad pbuh because his daughter ayesha ra was married to muhammad pbuh. His name was abdullah and titles include siddique the truthful and ateeque free from hellfire. His surname was abdullah, but he was commonly known as abu bakr because of his forefathers. He was two years younger than hazrat muhammad pbuh, sharing the common descent with him. Muhammad haseeb ul qadri is the author of the book. Muhammad, of course, did not want any help from abu bakr or from. A book, author have tried to show how abu bakr s methodology as a muslim and as a ruler reached faroff land. He is the writer of many books about the teachings of islam and famous personalities. Sayyiduna abu bakr radi allahu anhu s real name was abdullah, and he was given the title of as siddique. Abu bakr s early days, he is supposed to have been of the same age as muhammad, and he was either the first or second male to covert to islam abu bakr was born in mecca, a quraishi of the banu taim clan. Join facebook to connect with abubakr siddique and others you may know. Obey me as long as i obey allah and his rasul sallal laahu alaihi wasallam.

He was one of the first individuals to accept the holy prophetsa, and was also his first khalifah successor. Abu bakr abdullah ibn abu quhafa uthman assiddiq, arab. Islamic history of khalifa abu bakr political, social. Abu bakrs utmost and sincere support for the prophet earned him the nickname of siddique trustworthy. Sunnis regard him as his rightful successor caliph, the first of four righteous caliphs rashidun.

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