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A great help desk is at the heart of great customer support. The guidance on the biocidal products regulation bpr is to be applied to applications for active substance approval and product authorisation as submitted from 1 september 20, the date of application doa of the biocidal product regulation the bpr. Echa s website is a key source of information, mr leech points out. Check that you declared your enterprises size correctly and have uploaded the documents in reachit. Also, echa s helpdesk is prepared to support companies that are preparing new nanoform submissions.

The echa helpdesk can be contacted using their web form. It also displays realtime updates about who is viewing a ticket at any given moment. The potential dose is the amount ingested, inhaled, or applied to the skin. Help desk software has become too complicated and costly. Iuclid software to allow submission of additional reach. Zendesk is the leading cloudbased help desk software built for better customer. The help desk software here is offered under the saas software as a service model, meaning that the software is web based, hosted on the cloud and can be accessed when needed through a client or web browser. Download, install or upgrade iuclid 5, stand alone application. Please create a support ticket by logging into our cms here and going to the support section, or give us a call tollfree at 833 34reach or 952 9447727 option 4. Echa states reachit and helpdesk availability at year end. Get access to iuclid data such as reference substances or inventories. Email channel shared inbox unlimited free viewer accounts. Also, echas helpdesk is prepared to support companies that are preparing new nanoform submissions. Not only do help desks streamline communication, they also keep detailed records of all submitted issues, making it easier to track updates and report on what work.

Bpr helpdesk ministry of health, social services and equality paseo del prado 1820, 28071 madrid email. Users are informed that any reliance on the accuracy andor completeness of any content posted by other users on this website is done at their own risk. The software stores customer information in a searchable database, tracks interactions and automates the issue resolution process. Discover the main echa it tools used in the different procedures under reach and. The uk help desk software here is offered under the saas software as a service model, meaning that the software is web based, hosted on the cloud and can be accessed when needed through a client or web browser. Giva provides business cloudbased help desk solutions including applications for customer support, knowledge management, service desk, asset management, and change management. It technicians can perform it help desk tasks easily in servicedesk plus, the efficient, allinone help desk software. The newly founded chemical agency is busily setting up making preparations for what will be a huge task. The software is maintained by the european chemicals agency, echa. European chemicals agency helpdesk for shared understanding of reach regulation services of direct interest to companies joachim ball, head of guidance and helpdesks unit at echa downstream users from within the eu or by other stakeholders worldwide.

Iuclid 6 is developed by the european chemicals agency in association with the oecd. While were unable to respond directly to your feedback, well. Help desk software allows internal or externalfacing support groups to initiate, track, resolve and analyze technical issues. The system can manage help desk requests, integrate with email and calendars. For new registrations, please consider using one of the other tools offered by the agency, such. Echa has selected 162 substances from reach registrations for further scrutiny by the member state competent authorities in its annual it screening exercise. The applied dose is the amount presented to an absorption barrier and available for. Zendesks webbased help desk solution allows support teams to collaborate with each other and share information using private comments on any issue that may arise.

It was designed to make your support operation more efficient and help improve client satisfaction by delivering bestinclass service. Echa launches new brexit guidance section product supply. It is the key tool for chemical industry to fulfill data submission obligations under reach, the most important european union legal document covering. A place for your customers to interact with your help desk. Zendesk help desk software choose the best helpdesk software. Once the european chemicals agency echa, under the reach regulation article 77. Help desk software is the common name for systems and applications used to respond to customers questions and technical inquiries.

By lunchtime of 4 january 2010, reachit will reopen and be available for submissions 24 hours a day during the working week from 8. Since 2005 weve focused helpspot on being just enough. The helpdesk and echa s offices will be closed from 24 december to 3 january inclusive. The iuclid software will be updated to allow submission of additional reach information to address the nanoforms of substances. It offers functionalities for retrieving experimental data, simulating metabolism and profiling properties of chemicals. From 1 june 2008, manufacturers of substances, and importers of substances as such or of substances in preparations mixtures into the european community ec and the european economic area eea, must register these substances with the european.

It help desk is one of the features of solarwinds web help desk, which is a webbased ticketing system for businesses. Social media integration is becoming a help desk software mainstay. Unlock charts on crunchbase charts can be found on various organization profiles and on hubs pages, based on data availability. It service desk software manageengine servicedesk plus. Find anything you want to improve or enhance your knowledge in many issues related to iuclid 6. Do not hesitate to contact the echa helpdesk if you have additional questions regarding the use of iuclid 6. Food labeling software nutrition analysis software esha. In urgent cases, please submit your question through the contact form. They understand your sector and the legal aspects in your country. Help desk software solution for ticket management and automation with email integration, customizable self service portals, and reporting included.

Please allow up to 2 business hours for our support team to respond to your ticket. Introduction thank you for choosing to install the chesar 3 application. For general support in the registration process, you can get help from echa and the national trade associations. The agency is within easy reach by public transport or a 25minute walk from the central railway station.

Real asset management see all of the it assets on your network computers, software, and other devices, and their attributes, in a single view. Sorts results by apps running active bidding campaigns, from the highest to lowest bid. In its first year it must recruit and train personnel and develop reachspecific software. Far from automating and depersonalizing the customerservice experience, these tools are peoplepowered, giving customer service professionals an organized view of the request landscape.

Blue ocean software provides cost effective help desk, asset management, and asset tracking software for small and mediumsized businesses. Echa will use the christmas break for a major upgrading of the reachit submission system, which will be closed from the lunchtime of 14 december 2009 to 3 january 2010 inclusive. The national helpdesks also provide practical advice and have a good idea of the issues involved. A iuclid cloud service is provided by the european chemicals agency echa for preparing reach and clp dossiers including poison centres notifications. The helpdesk and echas offices will be closed from 24 december to 3 january inclusive.

For help with other scenarios, contact the echa helpdesk at. Draft recommendation for inclusion in the authorisation list and consultation. Echa has moved to a new location at telakkakatu 6, helsinki. It is now much easier to install iuclid on your desktop computer. Echa will soon verify the size of micro, small and mediumsized companies smes that have registered substances between 2016 and 2019 under reach and benefitted from reduced fees. Do not hesitate to contact the echa helpdesk if you have additional questions regarding the. The h2desk help desk is intuitive, userfriendly, and extremely easy to learn and use. Stay up to date with all the latest news about ghs, reach, clp and adr regulations by following our linked in page. Help desk and ticketing software, also known as it service management itsm software, enables organizations to provide and support it services. European chemicals agency helpdesk for shared understanding.

They can give you advice in your own language and are aware of local conditions that can be relevant for the correct compliance with these regulations. Im sure there are off the shelf ones so you dont have to reinvent the wheel. Since 1981, esha research has been providing nutritional software products, services, and databases all over the world. Halo service desk is an itil aligned help desk software that offers ticket tracking and customer relationship management modules with reporting capabilities. The reachit online dossier tool for preparing joint submission member registrations is not being updated with the latest iuclid version. The competent authorities will carry out a manual examination of the dossiers they prioritise to decide whether regulatory action is needed.

Get personalised recommendations based on your specific business needs. The echa website is temporarily down for maintenance. Chemicals agency echa took up work in the finnish capital. Help desk software enables support agents to track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets. Echa has released updated versions of its primary software applications. Practical examples of exposure scenarios small and mediumsized enterprises smes. That means that customer interactions across phone, chat, email, social media, and any. If you need a 32bit compatible installer, please contact the echa helpdesk. Is there a free help desk solution that doesnt suck. Smart automations, codeless customizations, and powerful integrations are some of the highlights of this helpdesk support software.

Software advices frontrunners quadrant is focused on the north american help desk. The european chemicals agency echa also operate a helpdesk for questions on reach or clp that are outside the scope of the national. Turn disjointed email exchanges into organized, meaningful conversations. Help desk software helps customer support teams and agents receive, process, and respond to service requests of any size. Additionally, the echa helpdesk will be ready to answer your questions. Freshservice is an online it helpdesk with a fresh twist. Windows 64bit and linux 815 and 817 mb macos 818 mb data extraction and search tools for iuclid.

These information and tools can be used to find structurally. The help desk software will then receive, log, and assign issues to the appropriate help desk technicians automatically, making the process more convenient for all parties involved. When arriving, please note that the conference centre has its own entrance, which is separate from the office. Iuclid on your desktop pc get familiar with the new lookandfeel if you have installed iuclid directly on your desktop computer or laptop, you do not necessarily need to install the beta version. If youre looking for similar online software like help desk software, consider our feedback management or crm software categories. All content and links are up to date at the time of publication.

The toolbox is a free software application that supports. Can run reports and delegate work, and add features where available. If you need a 32bit compatible updater, please contact the echa helpdesk. If youre looking for similar online software like uk help desk software, consider our feedback management or crm software categories. You and your team will be able to quickly and efficiently resolve customer inquiries received via email, ticket, or live chat. Submit support tickets test the admin panel browse the knowledgebase note th. Benchmark dose dosethe amount of a substance available for interactions with metabolic processes or biologically significant receptors after crossing the outer boundary of an organism. It is not necessary to install any software for this training, so you can.

The united nations globally harmonized system was implemented in europe through reach and clp regulations. Leverage it asset management that is included in sysaid help desk solution right out of the box. Help desk software helps support team track and address issues in reasonable time, but also record customer conversations, messages, transactions, and other information that could be relevant in future. Chesar is an application developed by the european chemicals agency echa to help companies carry out their chemical safety. National helpdesks national helpdesks have been established as the first point of contact for questions related to the bpr, clp and reach regulations. Echa organises consultations to get feedback from all interested parties and to gather the widest possible range of scientific information for the regulatory processes.

Sponsored results have a visit website button, whereas unpaid results have a learn more button. Update of the guidance due to the release of iuclid version 5. Some functionality has been disabled for security and privacy, but feel free to. Guidance on the biocidal products regulation version 3. Iuclid is a software application to capture, store, maintain and exchange data on intrinsic and. It service desk software for the best customer services. The european chemicals agency echa also operate a helpdesk for questions on reach or clp that are outside the scope of the national helpdesk, such as issues related to dossier submissions and scientific ittools.

That means that customer interactions across phone. While were unable to respond directly to your feedback, well use this information to improve our online help. Ipv6 had been around since 1998 and will work with your software if you just give it a chance. Its not necessary to install any software for this training, so you have the. Knowledgebase this is a live demo of the hesk help desk. Echa also advises uk businesses to closely follow national legislative developments, as well as the brexit withdrawal negotiations, as they are likely to determine their future. Take a look at the how to get to echa to help you find your way. The views presented in the newsletter do not necessarily represent the official position of the european chemicals agency. Echa releases new it tools for 2018 reach registrations chemical. Nov 01, 2017 echa have stated that as third country entities, ukbased companies will join others based outside the eu and the eea to whom the help desk regularly replies. The help desk solution from elinext can solve your support issues, assisting end userscustomers by resolving their submitted requests via the webbased helpdesk software and letting you manage the entire lifecycle of support incidents quickly and efficiently. Companies and their consultants are encouraged to use the cloud service as it means they no longer have to install iuclid locally on a computer, but will have direct access to the latest version in a web browser anytime, anywhere.

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