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It would be a fun way to remember all the phases of the moon and to appreciate all the lovely things that nighttime has to offer. Because the kids are sitting in different positions, the resulting pictures will look slightly different, resembling the phases of the moon. After taking a stroll to look at the moon, or just sitting around a campfire, watching the moon, this printable pack will be able to help your children learn the eight different phases that our moon goes through, included is a moon observation journal. Then make your flip book and you can watch the phases of the moon happen in a flash. The lesson plan, student pages and answer key are included in this digital file. The handout included matching the names of phases and their descriptions and the template to create the moon phases flip book. The directions on the handout only have kids cut out and tape on the moon phases to make the flipbook, but it would be even more powerful to include the name of each phase and some sort of mnemonic to help them remember each one e. Moon tracker and moon printables from the crafty classroom. For easier flipping, print the cards on firm paper or. It is not necessary to be able to identify the name with the. Moon phases flip book, birthday, and matching activities. This moon phase flip book diy one of the free goodies included in our may 2019 craft in style box. Flip the pages with your thumb to see the moon shape change through each phase. Some of the worksheets displayed are moon phases flip book, moon phases flipbook, moon phases work, moon phases lesson plan, teaching moon phases, moon oreo phases, exploring the phases of the moon, name identifying phases of the moon.

Students should align the right sides of the book and staple on the cover page. Flip the pages quickly to see the moon change phases. Toys from trash moon activities, toys from trash, flip book. Phases of the moon printable flip book from deceptively educational. Start with the moon phases flip book align the right side of the book and staple the cover page and. Here are some books perfect for a unit study on the moon. With your class, fill in the half of the moon that is not lit by the sun on each flipbook page. The craft in style box is a subscription that delivers to your door new cool craft supplies each month. The shape varies from a full moon when the earth is between the sun and the moon to a new moon when the moon is between the sun and the earth. Moon flipit book checklist yes or no did you number the pages in your book from 1 to 29 beginning with 1 in the back and finishing with 29 behind the cover page. Phases of the moon worksheet i have also made up some phases of the moon cards which you can download for free using the link under the picture.

Montessori moon cutting strips from living montessori now. Staple them together to create a flip book that depicts the changing of the moons phases. Lesson preparation make enough copies of the flipbook pages for each student. To know the rising time of a given phase, rotate the dial so that the particular phase is in the eastern horizon. Be sure to check the moon phases calendar for the moon phase of your storytime. Phases of the moon flip book book activities, moon. It also affects the oceans tides and is an integral part of storytelling and folk lore. Phases of the moon flip book the students will draw and label the phases, cut them out, and glue them in order on their flip book. Printable worksheets for moon phases learning craft. This portion of the moon clock represents the ground at your feet. Kristin freeman space me moon phases activity for kids teach beside me. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category moon phases flip book. This 45page moon phases worksheets pack contains a variety of activities.

Make up a set of moon phase pictures and file cards for each student. Moon phases cards lastly, we made this fun phases of the moon flip book. It is a great pocket guide to take while observing the solar system with a telescope or camping. Southern hemisphere moon phase flipbook page 19 southern hemisphere moon phase flipbook page 20 southern hemisphere moon phase flipbook page 21 southern hemisphere moon phase flipbook. The phases of the moon are caused by its orbit around the earth. The moon phases flip book includes 4 versions of the booklet. Moon phases flip book lunar and planetary institute. The template is primarily designed for use during new and full moon rituals but could easily also be used for a daily chronicle of the moon. The moon specifically lights a childs face with imagination and possibilities. I love this cute phases of the moon printable flip book from deceptively educational. Montessori inspired moon printables from living montessori now.

The boys had fun flipping the pages, watching the moon go through its phases. As part of our study about the moon, we have been observing the moon and practicing moon phase identification. Did you use a circle template to draw a circle on each page. Get the free printable and tutorial here at pop shop america.

Cut out the cards below and staple them together on the left side. Each month on the 20th, i will share a naturethemed activity with a book to accompany it. Its an adorable prop that is perfect for your night stand. Show them the model of the first card so they will know where to glue the rest of the pictures on each card.

The flip book folding instructions can be found below you will need 6 sheets of paper instead of 4. For the activity pictured above, students were given a moon phase finder, and laminated cards containing images of the phases of the moon, descriptions of phases, and the names of the phases. The students will shade in and label the phases of the moon. Moon phases flip book calendar chae lee risd graphic design 17. Though you might not use ritual tools or charge items every single day, the moon does pass through various phases, astrological signs and mansions throughout the month. As the moon circles the earth, the shape of the moon appears to change. What better way to study the moon phases than to see them in action. The kids loved using oreos in this fun lesson showing all the phases of the moon. We have made the phases of the moon with oreo cookies in the past as well as phases of the moon cards this time, i made the boys a phases of the moon flip book, which they can flip through and see how the moon changes. Phases of the moon flipflap books simply skilled in second. To make this moon phase slider, print out the template.

The moon takes 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes and 11. I have chosen an activity that helps students actually see the moon go through its phases, a related text, and a followup way to make and record the phases. Check out this moon phase slider and some favorite books about the moon. All the supplies fit together to create multiple projects. I created these printable homeschool worksheets to go along with this craft. Moon phases flip book, birthday, and matching activities middle. Phases of the moon flip book moon phases, moon activities, earth. Copy of moon phase flip book video instructions youtube.

Put the cards in numerical order and staple book together. Use the glue stick and glue each corresponding paper strip on the edge of the plate by the phase on each cookie that it matches. Students will order the phase pages according to the classroom moon phase chart. Help kids learn about the moon with this free printable moon phases mini book. Print out the pages and let kids figure out what order the pieces go in while you talk about why the moon appears to change shape to those of us here on earth.

Materials moon phase finder template glue onto paper plate, cut out center birthday moons this is a classic lesson that has i have used. Give each student a copy of the moon phases flip book. The students will create a flipbook that shows the positions of the sun, earth and moon during the phases of the moon. In todays lesson, we focus in on the first pattern the moons phases. Explore free scholastic printables and worksheets on reading, writing, math and science. In this activity, your child will put together his or her own flipbook of the moons phases. Phases of the moon worksheets and printables from gift of curiosity.

The calendar templates on this page use a table of moon phase times to display the full moon, new moon, and the other major phases in yearly or monthly calendar formats. Watch an entire month flash before your eyes with this fun phasesofthemoon flip book activity. Moon appears to change shape over the course of a month. Students will flip through the pages to see the changing phases. Todays post is part of the nature book club series. Align the numbers on your earth wheel on top to the numbers on the moon phase wheel below. Yeats moon phase schemata was first modernized by dorothy wirgin in her phases of the moon, also, sadly, out of print.

This printable minibook can help your child learn to identify and label moon phases. Hold your moon clock so that the direction finder portion has the words horizon right side up, or make sure the house and tree are upright. Make a cool phases of the moon flipbook lesson plans. Why not take this beautiful celestial body and spend a full day, or even a week, learning all about the moon. Moon 1 waxing crescent first quarter waxing gibbous full moon waning gibbous last quarter waning crescent moon phases flipbook cut out the cards below and staple them together on the left side. Each student will create a flip book using the following template. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our. Phases of the moon animated flipbook utah education network.

Free printables and unit studies on the moon homeschool. Kids will have fun learning about the moon with this free moon phases mini book. Start with the moon phases flip book align the right side of the book and staple the cover page and the phases together to create a flip book. Make the phases of the moon exciting with our moon flipflap book. Moon phases template scissors stapler crayons various craft items what to do.

While learning about space, we spent some time learning about the moon and the phases of the moon. Flip through the images to view the changing phases. The phase of the moon depends on the position of the sun, earth and moon. This moon phases flip book is an engaging activity allowing students to create their own movie of the moon phases. How these symbols appear on your computer depends on the browser and device you are using. The first phase of the moon is called the new moon. Tell students that half of the moon is always lit up. Students will make a flipbook of the moon to see how the phases change. These calendars use the special unicode characters shown in the table to the right. Students assemble a flipbook of moon phases and discuss why the. Templates printable free printables flip book template weekend crafts weekend projects fun diy crafts stop motion art plastique art lessons. Moon phases flipbook by science notebook chick tpt. Write the names of the moon phases on the correct cards.

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