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As a term of the cartertorrijos treaties of 1977, the panama canal zone was abolished on 1 october 1979. It was a strip of land 10 miles 16 km wide along the panama canal, extending from the atlantic to the pacific ocean and bisecting the isthmus of panama. The zone consisted of the canal and an area generally extending five miles 8. Canal zone air post stamps regular issues surcharged 1929 on 1 c type ii on 1 c type i. On the one hand, you have the panamians, but frederick wiseman shows them as the americans see them. An original wpbt2 production explore the future of the panama canal as it nears completion on a new set of locks expected to impact trade and the worlds eco. For zonians who owned or rode horses in the canal zone, panama. Canal zone map of panama canal zone handstamp in violet 1904 2 c 5 c10 u. The transition to local oversight began with a 1977 treaty signed by u.

I used to listen to them as a kid and sit there mesmerised by the wonderful sounds. Canal zone college the canal zone college occupied various buildings at different points in time, and was also called canal zone junior college, canal zone college, and panama canal. Canal zone directed by frederick wiseman stream or download on. One shows us how albrook was during the time of the canal zone this was the entrance of albrook, if im not.

President jimmy carter and panama leader omar torrijos, with the panama canal authority assuming full. But the canal zone belongs to the usa and what really matters is themselves living in closed circuit, worshiping the standards of american culture, god and coca. Panama canal zone and the boys, 1st tour in 1965 to 68 by herta moore. After years of negotiations for a new panama canal treaty, agreement was reached between the united states and panama in 1977.

On 1 october 1979, the day the panama canal treaty of 1977 took effect, most of the. The signing of the treaties eliminated that restraint. But the canal zone belongs to the usa and what really matters is. From 1903 to 1979, the panama canal zone, located within the republic of panama, fell under u. This decision fulfills the 1977 panama canal treatys commitment that all u. Frederick wiseman had made long movies before this 1977 documentary juvenile court, welfare, but canal zone was his first real epic, a panoramic view of. Arthur sumner my parents had some lucho records in their collection when we lived in panama.

Panamanian control from 1979 until it was fully turned over. Signed on september 7, 1977, the treaty recognized panama as the territorial sovereign in the canal zone but gave the united states the right to continue operating the canal until december 31, 1999. The panama canal zone was an unincorporated territory of the united states from 1903 to. The us continued to control the canal and surrounding panama canal zone until the 1977 torrijoscarter treaties provided for handover to panama. The canal zone was abolished on october 1, 1979, as a term of the torrijos carter treaties of 1977. Canal zone is about the people who live and work in the panama canal zone and shows both the.

Canal zone schools the panama canal museum collection at uf. Two images that show very different facets of albrook. They are poor and of no particular interest to them even if panama is their country. Canal zone map of panama canal and other designs 1915 1 c 2 c5 10 c balboa and other portraits overprint reading up 191520 2 c. In this movie, canal zone, he has focused his unblinking, unrelenting attention on the daddy of them all, the institution that has fostered. Before august 1977, opponents of torrijos were reluctant to challenge his leadership because of his progress in gaining control over the canal zone. Canal zone, historic administrative entity in panama over which the united states exercised jurisdictional rights from 1903 to 1979.

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