Driver big bertha vs g25 driver

Big bertha alpha has a new tour shaft offering from mitsubishi, who makes some of the most trusted shafts on tour. March 8th, 2015 ok, you have poured over the golf digest 2015 equipment hot list, looked at the manufacturers websites, checked out the golfwrx forum, and gone to ask some questions at a big box store. The big bertha alpha driver is available in one loft, 9 degrees. Todays comparison is between the ping g30 driver and the ping g25 driver. I think this is a great driver for anyone recently i tested the new big bertha fusion driver. Longest drive comp between longest drive comp ping g25 vs callaway razr fit xtreme drivers with rick shiels pga golf coach please subscribe to my channel also subscribe to my channel for more. I saw and hit a ping g25 driver several days in a row.

The k15 was in the bag for 2 whole years, the g25 is just better, much greater length. Longest drive comp ping g25 vs callaway razr fit xtreme driver. Sldr could be the best driver youve ever bought, but it risks being the worst. I think in this case the g30 warrants a very hard look vs the g25. Regular big bertha is being billed as a total performance driver. It was so glowing that it has me questioning my recent big bertha purchase. My pro shop very kindly let me have a loan of 3 ping g2s 10degree firm, 10 degree regular and 11. Ive enjoyed the ease in which you can point and swing them. However, testers are more taken with callaways other offering, the big bertha v series d. In addition to the driver, i also received the matching 3 wood with the same stock shaft. Callaways reborn big bertha topped its class in our clubtest earlier this year.

Taylormade m1 v callaway epic v ping g400 v titleist 917 how we did the test. Unfortunately the g series hybrids have been some of. Ping g25 driver shaft tfc 189 stiff flex for sale online. Double black diamond driver callaway big bertha alpha driver callaway. This driver has been slightly redesigned to make the centerback portion of the crown a little lower to the ground to help lower the center of gravity and produce lower spin. The new big bertha came with a fubuki shaft that i feel is a little light weight for the driver. I had been loving it thus far, but now i am wondering what i would have thought about the g30. Callaways new big bertha and big bertha alpha are the companys most adjustable drivers to date. The big bertha driver is available in three different lofts. The ping i25 driver is an adjustable driver that focuses on reducing spin, accurate alignment, and shaft options, to help you gain more distance and accuracy.

Callaway big bertha and big bertha alpha drivers golfwrx. The big bertha driver uses a 5inch sliding weight track that is positioned around the perimeter of. Incredibly, we still reckon its a greatlooking driver, even though its footprint is smaller. Ping g30 v callaway big bertha driver whos the longest. Im looking at both the 2015 xr and the bb v series. The g25 is just dead neutral, but dead straightoverall forgiveness is just greater than the k15.

The head will weigh about 199 grams and the stock swing weight is d2. Continue to read about the advancements the ping is making in the golf club market. Longest drive competition ping g30 vs callaway great. Its built for distance by allowing you to swing it faster. By tbrown072, december 7, 2014 in clubs, grips, shafts, fitting. Its got adjustablemoveable weights like the razr fit and razr fit xtreme promotes a draw or fade bias andor alters swing weight. Big bertha alpha almost unquestionably one of the top drivers of. The sole is also all black with just a big ping and g25 on the bottom so from top to bottom this is a great looking stick. Callaways latest driver, the big bertha fusion, remembers that for the vast majority of golfers forgiveness is what matters most. Callaway big bertha vs big bertha alpha, titleist 910 d3 vs 9 d3, taylormade. Our annual drivers test is always keenly anticipated but we cant remember one quite as exciting as this years.

The xr driver provides a solid combination of midlaunching shots, forgiveness and respectable distance. The headline figures from our test state that callaways new great big bertha driver gives you a total distance advantage of approximately 12% over. Ping g25 is a very popular and one of the more expensive options. Similar in concept to the optiforce driver we saw last year, the 460cc driver features a superlightweight grip and shaft, lightweight head materials and aerodynamic shape, all contributing to its. The first thing you need to know about bertha is that shell initially be available in 2 models. I would have preferred to have shaft options that are offered with the alpha series driver. Now its time to sift through all of the readily available information about the ping g25 driver, in a line of popular game improvement drivers. Trafford golf centre has a competiton between the ping i25 vs callaway big bertha alpha drivers to see which is longest on avergae. Those are independent of each other on my current driver. With the callaway gbb epic driver we see a raft of improvements and new technologies which should make the new product more forgiving. Mark hits the 2014 callaway big bertha driver with changeable neck, sliding weights along the back of the club. They use multimaterial constructions and two distinct moveable weight systems to offer golfers an unrivaled amount of control over their launch conditions. Callaways new version, the 2016 model, of the great big bertha may be the driver of choice among the new equipment which hit the markets.

The ping g30 driver has undergone a number of changes, but how does it compare with the g25 driver. Anyone have a strong opinion for one over the other. Callaway was calling upon its lineage for its 2016 driver release, following suit with cobra and the king. If you insist on buying off the rack, the g25 is a better place to start than most. Thats going to change, and when it does, callaways big bertha alpha immediately shoots up the list. Paul ohagan tests both models to find out the ping g30 launch is a particularly. Callaway big bertha driver vs ping i25 driver comparison and. Its in the top 3 bestselling golf club drivers and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as taylormade m2 dtype or callaway mens big bertha 815. I had been playing a callaway big bertha alpha 815 double black diamond driver and it was just too low spinning for me. I hit the big bertha well so far on the driving range, but havent taken it to the course yet. Buy new and used callaway 2014 big bertha driver from the best golf shop. Callaway big bertha irons i am in the process of picking new irons and have narrowed it down to the ping g5s and callaway big berthas.

Our equipment panel takes a look at the two latest drivers from cobra the speedzone and speedzone xtreme. Yes the k15 guards the right side of the fairway better, really bad swings can have you out to the left. G25 vs 5900 the 5900 was stupid straight, but stupid short. Callaways new big bertha v series driver is the lightest club it has ever made. I wonder how it compares to last years big bertha, which had a number of. Subscribe to my channel and watch any of my other videos, i appreciate your feedback. The addition of the adjustable hosel is also new for 20. Longest drive comp callaway big bertha v series vs ping g30 driver subscribe to rick shiels golf pga for more golf gear. No driver can fix all your problems, but the ping g25 is about as forgiving of a driver as you can buy.

Adam scott rocked up to the recent players championship in florida with an eightyearold driver. Callaway gbb epic driver v callaway great big bertha. The only thing that i dont like about the ping is that adjusting the loft either closes or opens up the face. The great big bertha was a fantastic product one of the best drivers out there in 2016 so we were keen to see how the new model compared. I had been hitting balls in the practice bay at a pga superstore close to my home. Longest drive competition ping g30 vs callaway great big bertha the format is very simple. Ill have to hit one compared to my g25 and see if theres a big difference. They are both in my price range, an upgrade from what i have, and both feel good when i hit them. Its called the fubuki zt shaft, and its designed to increase energy transfer, resulting in more ball speed while delivering a mid launch with low spin, an ideal shot shape for long, penetrating distance. A g hybrid with good looks the ping g series woods and irons have b een known to be some of the most forgiving woods and irons made. Compared with the anser, the g25 is a higherlaunching, higherspinning driver with greater forgiveness. Callaway has done that with a driver whose shape comprises multiple pieces of light carbon. Callaways big bertha fusion goes all in on forgiveness. G25 has to be right there with the k15, cally fti,ftiq and the 5900 in terms of straightness, but how much longer is it.

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